Accountable Capital never charges an application fee like other commercial finance companies. Our goal is to get you the financing you need to run your business. Charging you an application fee is just not something we do. So why not try us? You lose nothing! 

We operate throughout the entire United States. Our financial services are accessible to all business in all 50 states. With so much to gain from our financial products, why wait for another day? Apply now and watch your business grow right now!


At Accountable Capital we know that as a business owner, your time is money. We won't waste your time. Our goal is to give you the decision you want in less than 24 hours, and the funding you need within a few days of our underwriting team's decision. Then, we will wire the money straight away to your bank account. Our super quick service frees up time for you to concentrate on important things... like running your business and making money. 


Our policy is not to charge our customers an upfront fee. This is in addition to our no-application fee policy. We are totally focused on delivering financial products and service that will instantly gratify your business needs. The no-upfront fee policy results from our desire to see your business grow from the cash we bring to you at the time when you need it the most!


Accountable Capital understands that business credit issues can arise through no fault of the owners. We know that personal credit issues often have little to do with the continued success of an established business. That is why we do not consider credit scores as the determining factor for qualifying you for our financial products. In most cases our small business loan or small business credit line is your gateway to success. It's exactly what your business needs, right now, not next week.

How It Works

Right now you or your business might qualify to receive up to $750,000.00 in funding using one our financial products. Most of our funding options are available to you. And you will receive the best and the fastest service for obtaining the best kind of business loan for you. 

We offer Business loans that can replace a traditional bank loan which is now so very difficult to get. We even offer business funding products that banks cannot give you. We give you advantages and opportunities that your local bank would probably not offer to you:

  • No Application Fee

  • Approval in less than 24 hrs

  • Bad credit not an automatic disqualification.

Running a business is no easy job, and without enough working capital, it can become nearly impossible. Don't let not a slow drawn out credit application process prevent your business from expanding! We are here to help. If you qualify, 72 hours is all that we need to process an application and put you on the track to growth. Our approval rate is 97% for our merchant cash advance, and you get it without any collateral to back your application. What more can you possibly ask for? Why are you waiting? 

Call us today at 1-888-745-1114 or apply online and benefit from our financial products.

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Accountable Capital Corp. is online and offering  business owners a way to get capital funding in this difficult economy. The owners of the company are experienced in providing capital funding and understand that even if a business is successful, there are times when that business needs additional funds. They founded their company and its website to let businesses know that even after the bank has turned them down and government options have run dry there is a solution to funding.

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