Medical Industry Funding

Setting up a medical practice in Florida or anywhere in the US, requires a substantial initial investment. This is due to the need for specialized equipment, tools and sufficient inventory to provide proper service to patients. Accountable Capital aims to provide easy and quick loans to set up your medical practice and provide quality service to all. As we understand, getting a bank loan or any other traditional methods of borrowing has many constraints such as collaterals and a necessity for a high credit rating. Many applications get rejected owing to a bad personal credit score which has no relation with the business you wish to set up. 

We assess and provide funding for your medical practice keeping in mind the potential of your business to generate revenue. Starting a medical practice from scratch requires far more capital than most businesses since it’s a high risk and high investment profession. We recognize these needs and provide the real funding you are eligible for in no time. In business time is money, which is why we have an ultra fast application processing system because of which you will have your  business cash advance in your hand in just 24 hours. 

We also eliminate the biggest disadvantage of the traditional loans which is fixed repayment. Any traditional method of borrowing requires you to pay a monthly fixed amount as a repayment irrespective of your profits or losses. But, we understand that this is a highly inefficient method of recovering the money as this by itself could push the business into loss. Our flexible repayment system calculates the repayment amount based on your average revenue per month. This means that your medical practice will never run at a loss which is reason enough for your business to flourish. 

Accountable capital aims to provide easy and efficient funding options to set up your business in Florida. There is no charge for application fee which means there is no harm in giving us a try for your funding needs. Our team assesses your business plan and estimates and provides the maximum funding your business is eligible for within 24 hours.  The most important benefit is that we do not consider your existing credits to decide whether you are eligible for a business cash advance. Our only criterion to qualify for loan is the business potential. 

Salient Features 

  • No application fee
  • Approval in less than 24 hours 
  • Minimal Paperwork 
  • Flexible 3 – 18 month repayment packages 
  • Instant minimal funding approval