Merchant Cash Advance Program

Small business owners now have an alternative loan financial option in Accountable Capital that is free from the hassles usually associated with borrowing from banks. Our business cash advance program is unique – it is quicker, without a strict repayment schedule and free from collateral requirements. Once you qualify, money is wired to your bank account immediately.

The advantages of our Merchant Cash Advance Program are many. You will particularly benefit because the repayment will be linked to Visa/MasterCard receipts and it will be a percentage of your future receipts. This will free you to focus on your business and improve cash flow.

Traditional small business cash advance obtained from banks come with too many conditions attached to it. This can cause stress, restrict your business’s growth and strain cash flow when it is time to repay the loan. This is particularly true if your business is seasonal and business volumes fluctuate widely. More importantly, secured bank loans tie up your collateral until you have repaid the last dollar.

Our merchant cash advance program has all the ingredients that will propel your business’s growth. It provides relief from strict monthly repayment schedule. At Accountable Capital we understand businesses have to cope up with unpredictable cash inflow and that is the reason why we have linked repayments to future money receivable which is a percentage of actual receipts.

You can leverage our credit card-linked flexible program to improve cash flow. It means that during a lean period when business volume is low, you pay less and when it is high, you pay more. The advantage that accrues to you is you stay free from late payment fee. What more can you possibly ask for?