Restaurant Industry Funding

The restaurant industry is considered by many to be a high risk venture. If you aspire to make it big in this business, you need more than your culinary and management skills. Being savvy about your finances is of the utmost importance! Obtaining a secure loan for your restaurant business might be a tough job. It would involve collaterals and would bind you to some strict repayment schedule. We understand exactly how stressful all this can be for you. We understand how it feels when traditional lending firms refuse loans because you don’t have a running restaurant yet. When you should be busy deciding what dishes would please your customers, minding finances can be a woeful affair! Therefore, we bring to you a perfect financing alternative. These are a few highlights:

  • Get 200% of your gross average
  • Programs from 3-12 months
  • Get an instant approval
  • Minimal Paperwork
  • Experienced team of financial experts
  • Repayments customized to match up your cash flow

At Accountable Capital Corporation, we are committed to the needs of small and medium sized businesses in the United States. Our financing schemes are, therefore, specifically tailored to meet your requirements. With a loan sanctioned from our firm, you will not have to bother about a stringent repayment schedule draining your cash. Traditional schemes require you to pay up even when your business does not generate enough revenue.

As a favorable alternative to such schemes, we bring to you business cash advance as an alternative. The loan gets paid through future credit card receivables, which means that your repayment is directly tied to your sales. If you have a slower that average month, your payments will be lower; higher than average month, your payments will be higher. Not only does this have a positive impact on your cash flow, but, it also gives you a sense of security. What makes it even better is that acquiring a loan from our firm is hassle free. We have strived to build an infrastructure where are analysts and financial experts take care of all the technicalities while you manage your business prospects. Our loan approvals are a speedy affair. Therefore, once you come to us with a loan request, we never keep you waiting.

If you want to start a new restaurant or are looking to revamp an existing one, then, we are a one stop solution for all you financial needs. Our restaurant business loans are something you can rely on. We never limit you with spending guidelines. So even after your monthly repayment, you have enough left to taste the fruits of profit!