Business Working Capital Loans

Working capital is the lifeline of any business. It helps to maintain an appropriate level of inventory, sell goods on credit, pay for new stock acquisitions, meet payment toward wages & salaries and generally keep the business running spic and span. Working Capital financing is therefore important for any business to survive. Business working capital loans are difficult to get from traditional banks and take a long time to be processed and disbursed.

At Accountable Capital it is our endeavor to provide working capital for small business on a timely basis. We know how critical it is to the small business to stay afloat. Our business working capital loan for small businesses is tailor made to meet every need and more. Uniquely we don’t ask the beneficiary for collaterals or insist that they use our funding for a specific purpose. 

Our working capital business loan is highly flexible and you pay only for what you use. This, businesses will find handy when they want it for acquiring seasonal stocks or when temporary demands from costumers go up. It can also help to keep cash flow healthy during lean periods when business volumes go down. 

To get small business working capital loans you can apply online. We will examine your application and if we find you qualified our business working capital team will notify you within 24 hours. All that it takes to wire the money to your account is 2 days and you will be able to make best use of it.

Benefits of Accountable Capital Working Capital

  • Higher approval rates as compared with banks
  • Minimal paper work, streamlined approval process and quick disbursal
  • Automated repayment based on actual money receipts
  • Your working capital for business will be linked to your Visa/MasterCard
  • No restriction on funding usage
  • Quick transfer of loan to bank account with 2 days