Line of Credit Program

At Accountable Capital we understand that businesses have varying needs for funds. An unwanted working capital is a drain on the profitability of business. The lack of it in critical times too can adversely impact on a business’s operation. To overcome the problems of excess borrowed working capital we give our customers the Line of Credit Program. 

The working capital line of credit under the program ensures that you pay only for the funds you actually use. At the same time you also get access to more funding if there is a need. This line of credit for business is best if you want to minimize your overall cost of working capital funding.

Working capital is a critical component in any business, and without it at the right time, your business cannot survive. That is why we make the approval process so fast. You can apply for our working capital lines of credit online and you will be notified if you qualify within 2 days. This is an advantage you enjoy over traditional banks that take weeks to process your application. Yet another advantage is that our line of credit program does not require you to give us any collateral. 

You should prefer our capital line of credit, if your funding requirements vary over a period of time and you don’t have the time to negotiate a bigger working capital loan each time.

Benefits of Accountable Capital Line of Credit

  • You get control over how you distribute capital
  • You don’t pay for the unutilized part of funding
  • You get access to funds the same day you want
  • No restriction on how you use the funding
  • Fast processing and quick disbursal